Bolivian president calls US ‘threat to international law, UN’ over ‘unilateral’ Russia sanctions

Posted time: 30 Jul, 2017 08:47 Edited time: 30 Jul, 2017 13:23 Bolivian President Evo Morales slammed the usa as a “threat to multilateralism, international law, the UN,” and condemned the latest round of sanctions against Russia. EEUU nuevamente pretende imponer sanciones unilaterales contra Rusia. Éstas child contrarias al derecho internacional. Bolivia la rechaza. — [...]

How to Tour Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is regarded as one of the most severe and remarkable vistas throughout of South America, if not world. Extending above 4,050 square kilometers associated with Altiplano, it will be the world’s biggest salt level, put aside by prehistoric lakes evaporated sometime ago. Right here, a thick crust of sodium extends to [...]

Bolivia Announces Complete Ban On Rothschild Owned Banks

Bolivia has actually used in Hungary's footsteps and has kicked the Rothschild's finance companies out of the country. Bolivia features reclaimed its economic self-reliance by not responding to financial pressure from the U.S government or Rothschild owned banking organizations. The Southern United states country is regarded as a growing listing of nations that are rejecting [...]

Bolivia Becomes First South American Country To Ban Rothschild Banks

Shares 14K Bolivia has followed in Hungary’s footsteps and has kicked the Rothschild’s financial institutions out of the country. Bolivia features reclaimed its economic liberty by not giving an answer to financial pressure from the U.S federal government or Rothschild possessed banking entities. The South United states nation is regarded as a growing set of [...]

La Paz, Bolivia – city guide (Condé Nast Traveller)

Featuring its streamlined design hotels and edgy art scene, Bolivia's sky-high money Los Angeles Paz is out of the blue beaming better than its big-brother places across South America i cannot seem to get my gait right. I'm in the Prado, the key opportunity in downtown La Paz. The pitch is behind me personally and [...]