Here Is The Mitsubishi Lancer History Lesson You Needed Today

GIF When it comes to the cars, some days are good. Some days are full of fun and exciting and nice news that keeps me optimistic about the future. And then on other days, I wake up to find the latest Mitsubishi Evolution concept is an electric crossover with AI assistance. Here’s something to cleanse [...]

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Ferrari’s history: Pictures, Details

AP Over the past 70 years, Ferrari has come a long way since its start as a fledgling racecar builder.  In 2015, Ferrari's IPO on the New York Stock Exchange valued the company at nearly $10 billion. Two years later, the company's market cap has more than doubled to $21 billion. This makes the carmaker [...]

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Soon, Cars in Denmark Will Only Be Taxed at 100%

By Peter Levring August 29, 2017, 9:08 was EDT Copenhagen’s reputation as a cyclists’ haven is not only as a result of insufficient mountains: Registration responsibilities as high as 180 percent suggest Denmark is one of the most costly nations which to purchase a fresh automobile. That may be about to change. Under proposals unveiled [...]

Cars Are About To Get A Lot Cheaper In Denmark With The End Of The 180 Per Cent Tax Rate

The Danish are going to have to pay much less bacon on the brand new cars following the nation's federal government revealed huge tax slices - but prices will still be insanely high Notoriously tax-heavy Denmark is all about to significantly decrease its levies on brand new automobiles, slashing large number of euros off their [...]

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