Music News & Pop Culture Fires For Aug. 28th

This is the state of America on Monday early morning. The fight’s over, the wall has fallen, the nation’s great huge tangerine pimple appears going to burst, and a major town is wholly fucking drowning even as we view on television. At the same time, I’m just hoping to get to Friday thus I can [...]

Fashionista’s Pop Culture Style Icons: Alyssa Basically Based Her Life on Sandi Griffin from ‘Daria’

Recently at Fashionista, we're celebrating everything at the intersection of manner and pop culture — like the nostalgic sartorial moments that have been formative to your design growth. Inside our series, Fashionista's Pop community design Icons, we obsess on the characters who possess affected our closets many, also to this day. Photo: Giphy Whenever "Daria" [...]

Jack Kirby 100th Birthday: Celebrating His Pop-Culture Influence

The comic book creator, born 100 years ago Monday, changed everything. No, really. It isn't hyperbole to claim that it's impossible to imagine what the world of popular culture would look like today had Jack Kirby not lived. The so-called "King of Comics" — a title he was too humble to claim for himself, but [...]

Nobody Wants a Jabba the Hutt Movie, Thanks Anyway

Some days, you would you like to see what the initial Order will be driving into the future celebrity Wars: The Last Jedi. Various other days, you just want to know what's happening in galaxy far, a long way away—even if it means involved in a Pokémon Go-esque AR event made to offer toys. Luke [...]