Saigon Mulls Plan to Outlaw High-Rise Construction Along Congested Roads

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Saigon Mulls Plan to Outlaw High-Rise Construction Along Congested Roads

In a bid to prevent worsening traffic obstruction, Saigon officials have been expected to prohibit the construction of high-rise buildings on heavily made use of streets.

Tuoi Tre reports that the other day the town People’s Committee bought neighborhood planning officials to prevent offering licenses when it comes to building of high-rises on roads with poor traffic infrastructure. 

Many residential places and enormous apartment complexes have already been built throughout the town lately, but run updating nearby roadways often lags about, leading to extreme traffic stress.

According to the news origin, the division of Construction states that licensing authorities have to determine whether the created capacity of proposed jobs is in line because of the surrounding area.

The official human anatomy can be today using the services of the division of preparing and Architecture to coordinate roadway and building construction. Previously the 2 departments operated individually in terms of planning.

Various other city preparing development, Tuoi Tre stocks in another article that town People’s Committee is thinking about a ban on groundwater extraction in areas where the training might lead to severe problems.

Appropriately, the municipal division of All-natural sources and Environment was tasked with creating a map showing which parts of the town face the biggest effects of groundwater removal.

Local officials are worried that groundwater may include chemical compounds or wastewater, while removing liquid from floor may also exacerbate land subsidence and floods.

Nguyen Thi Thanh our, manager of this neighborhood environmental division, informed the headlines resource that Saigon extracts approximately 681,000 cubic meters of liquid each day right now.

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]

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